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Bra Fit & Care

As Certified Fit Consultants, we specialize in custom bra fitting of all sizes from small to full figure. We offer the largest selection of bras ranging in cup size AA to N and band size 28 to 56. We work closely with area doctors and help with the care of their patients by providing proper fit garments to promote and aid the healing process.

What to expect during a fitting?

We know how important a proper fitting bra is and how intimidating it is to stand in front of a mirror and another woman. With the amount of knowledge, expertise and respect our fitters give to each one, they rave about their new figure, the bra fitting experience and our store.

After you are welcomed into the store, a certified fitting consultant will show you the fitting room and explain the fitting process. She will ask you to take off your top to allow a measurement of your chest wall (band size) and the fullest part of your bust. You will be measured over your current bra.

She will then ask if you are looking for anything specific (strapless, sports bra, everyday bra, or shape wear). Our consultants know the styles and how they fit different body types best. If you have seen a bra on a website, display or advertised and it is not shown to you, it will be because our consultants know styles that may be a better fit for you.

Once you have found a garment that fits your needs, we can then show you more styles or colors you may be interested in. We strive to find the perfect fit for every woman.

Some Reminders to Help You Find the Perfect Fit

  • Please remember that every woman should have one neutral bra to wear under white or light colored clothing (Nude under white for lighter skin and dark under darker skin). Your consultant will then make adjustments to the straps and assess key areas to ensure the proper fit (band, cups and straps). Once you both agree with the fit and comfort she will then ask you to put your shirt on over the bra to allow both of you to see how you will look wearing the bra.
  • Please remember while looking at yourself in the mirror, it is easy to find things wrong with the fit of a bra. Please be gentle on yourself and keep in mind that with a snug band you can expect it to accentuate “back fat”.
  • Please keep in mind that the band of the bra will stretch with wearing and a few washes. You do not want to compromise the perfect fit because you do not want bra lines.

The fitting is a dialogue and is very important to provide feedback on how you feel in the bra. All fine lingerie should be hand washed and line dry or use a delicate soak wash.

Do you sell items over your website?

The items are fit by one of our certified fit consultants. Some of the items are billed to medical insurance companies and must be sold in-store only.

Do I need an appointment?

We are open Monday through Saturday, 10am and closing at 5pm due to remodel. We strive to provide personal attention to each individual. Our accreditation guidelines require clinical and intake assessment for any items billed to insurance companies.

Will my insurance cover this?

In most cases, insurance will cover prosthesis and bras with a doctor’s prescription. Compression garments and cranial prosthesis (wig) vary based on insurance coverage. We file most insurance claims on your behalf.